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  • Tel: 866-459-0055
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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers. Check out our helpful FAQ section below to learn more about how QCE Aluminum Fence can help with the design, planning and installation of your residential or commercial fencing projects.

Q1 How do I attach the fence to a column or the house?

All fence panels have rail-ends (standard or swivel) available(see accessories link) to attach to brick columns, homes, other existing posts etc. Rail-ends are small aluminum brackets which go over the end of a rail and have two holes to attach them to a column or wall. There are two types of wall mounts. The standard rail-ends are used to attach straight onto the column. The adjustable wall mounts swivel to allow mounting at an angle of up to 45°. Rail-ends are also to be used on our blank posts when you need to stair-step the fence sections rather than racking.

Q2 How do I install a radius or angles that are not 90 degrees?

It is much easier to use line posts when creating the “radius” look. If the angle is greater than 90 degrees we recommend using a line post. If the angle is between 45 and 90 degrees, you will probably want to use a corner post. All of our posts have pre-punched holes that are punched to accept the horizontal rails of the fence sections. They will allow you to move the section from right to left and up or down. This will make it very easy for the installer to either do radius’ or angles. Please inform us about any angles you might be unsure of, so we can help assist you in ordering the right posts for your project.

Q3 How far can the fence rack?

Most fence sections can rack about 12″ over their 6’span. (Some styles move a bit more or less than 12″, depending if they have a thru picket on top(ex. Spear top). If you want to follow a steeper slope than this without stepping the fence, you need to order a rackable or double punched section. The holes in the horizontal rails are about twice as wide as in a standard rail to allow for greater picket movement. If you have a “ski slope” we also do offer a “heavy rackable section”. Any fence panels that need to be anything other than flat must be specified at time of order.

Q4 How can I determine the material I will need for my job?

Fill out our free quote form, or send a drawing of your project by fax or email. We’ll figure out exactly what materials are needed and itemize materials/prices within a timely fashion.

Q5 Are the sections and gates assembled?

All fence sections and gates are shipped fully assembled unless otherwise specified by customer.

Q6 What standard colors are available?

We offer Pearl Black, White, Bronze, Forrest Green, and Designer Beige. Please view our specifications link for approx color samples.

Q7 Are caps included with the posts?

Standard post caps are included in the price of the posts. Decorative ball caps are also available for an additional charge.

Still have questions?

Our sales representatives all have deep backgrounds in the fencing industry and over 5 years’ experience with fence installations. Contact us to learn more. We promise a response in 24 hours or less!

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