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Swimming Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing

Swimming Pool Fencing – Built for style and safety!

QCE Aluminum Fence is your best source for decorative safety fencing for your swimming pool area that meets your local pool codes and B.O.C.A. or I.B.C. regulations.

Our qualified customer representatives can even help you identify your safety fence codes and subdivision restrictions before placing an order. As you start your pool project or plan an update, QCE Aluminum Fence can ship the fence materials with rapid shipping to ensure you’re never at risk of an exposed pool area without fencing. Free estimates are available.

Types of Aluminum Fence for Swimming Pools

We have two different styles of swimming pool fence that can meet standard B.O.C.A. or I.B.C. pool codes manufactured at 48`` tall. Please review the pool code safety standards below and always check your subdivision restrictions for maximum height allowed prior to ordering any safety pool fencing material.

UAB-200, 48 inch High 3-Rail fencing

Style-200, 48`` Tall 3-Rail Modified

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UAF-200, 48 inch High 2-Rail Flush fencing

Style-200, 48`` Tall 2-Rail Flush

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UAF-200, 54 inch High 3-Rail Modified fencing

Style-200, 54`` Tall 3-Rail Modified

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Swimming Pool Safety Fence Specifications and Notes

    • 6′ wide preassembled sections
    • Posts should be installed 72-1/2″ on center
    • Spacing between vertical pickets is 3-13/16″ on all residential styles
    • Available Colors: Pearl Black, Bronze, White, Forest Green and Designer Beige
    • Residential heights available: 48″, 54″, 60″ or 72″ tall (custom heights available)
    • Stainless steel fasteners
    • TGIC powder coated finish
    • Lifetime warranty against chipping, peeling, cracking and corroding
Pool Fencing

General Overview of Swimming Pool Codes for Your Residence

The information contained on this page is only a general overview of swimming pool codes and may not apply to your local codes. Before placing an order, check your local laws and regulations as they may vary from the B.O.C.A. or I.B.C. standards. QCE Aluminum Fence cannot be held responsible if your fence order does not meet your local codes.

  • The fence must be at least 48″ tall.
  • The minimum distance between the bottom rail and the next existing horizontal rail must be at least 45″. So most 3-horizontal rail fence styles must be either 54″ or 60″ depending if there are spears above the top rail.
  • The spacing between pickets must be less than 4″.
  • The space between the bottom rail and the ground must be 4″ or less.
  • The gate(s) must be self-closing, self-latching (The opening mechanism of the latch must be at least 54″ above ground.) And all gates, that are accessible to the pool area, MUST open out, away from the pool area.

Please Note: When installing your fence, any objects outside the fence within 48″ (ex. pool pumps, deck piers, lights, large rocks, retaining walls, etc.) could technically be used as a “stepping-stone” making it easily accessible to your pool area. These codes are in place with the frame of mind to keep people from “getting in” to the pool area, not “getting out” so it is always safer to enclose the objects inside the fence, not outside.

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